Valya A.

The interview took place in February 2020.

Valya was born on January 25th, 1947 in Stepanakert, in the family of workers. There were 4 girls growing up in the family. Valya was the fourth child. Valya entered Stepanakert Secondary School # 1 in 1954, and moved to Shushi nursing home after finishing the sixth grade. Nevertheless, she quitted her studies a year later and started working at Stepanakert Textile Factory in 1962 as a worker. In 1963, she moved to Yerevan and worked in a sewing factory with her friend.

However, singing and dancing have always been Valya’s hobbies all her life. In 1968 she finally got a job as a dancer at Karabakh State Dance Ensemble, where she worked until 1988.

She served in the NKR Defense Army from 1992-1995. Then, she worked at Stepanakert Capacitor Factory and Charles Aznavour Cultural Center in Stepanakert.

She receives a monthly pension of 68,400 AMD.

She lives in her father’s house and heats the apartment by wood. She pays for wood with the heating compensation by Hanganak and her pension.

Valya considers her health below average. She fell in 2009 and broke her leg as a result of which she was bedridden for a year. However, she managed to stand up and walk due to her will and long-lasting treatment. She walks with difficulty but she takes part in all Hanganak indoor and outdoor events. She is the most active dancer at the events.

Valya has joined Hanganak since 2010.

She does not attend the polyclinic. Hanganak’s doctor visits her with the nurse Donara Mnatsakanyan if necessary, examines her and prescribes treatment.

She receives Cardiomagnyl 75 mg N30, Nurofen 200 mg N10, Spasmalgon 500 mg N10.

“The food basket provided by Hanganak is sufficient for the whole month. It’s a big help for us”, Valya says.

She expresses her deepest gratitude to the benefactors for their support and significantly easing the burden.