Volodya A.

The interview took place in August 2022.

Volodya was born on October  22nd, 1942  in the village of Rev, Stepanakert region (now Askeran region). There were 9 children growing up in the family: 5 boys and 4 girls. Volodya was the eighth child in the family. His father was the chairman of the village collective farm for many years, his mother was a worker.

After receiving a seven-year education in the village, he continued his studies at the neighboring Khndzristan secondary school. Every  day he walked from his village to the school in Khndzristan and back. In 1959, after graduating from secondary school, Volodya moved to Stepanakert and started working at the Stepanakert Children’s Hospital as a laborer.

In December 1961, he was drafted into the Soviet army and served in Leningrad.

After completing his service in 1964, Volodya returned to Stepanakert and continued to work at the  Children’s  Hospital again, but this time as an Assistant Accountant. In January 1974, by a special decision of the USSR government, the similar organizations were united. The health institutions of the Nagorno-Karabakh were also included in that list, and it was named the Regional Health Care Department. So, Volodya was appointed the Chief Accountant of the department. In 1992, by the decision of the NKR government, the Department was named the NKR Ministry of Health, where he worked as the Chief Accountant until his retirement in December 2004.

Volodya continued to work after his retirement. From March 1, 2005 to August 2020, he was the Chief Accountant of the Shahumyan Regional Medical Center.

Volodya got married in 1967. He got acquainted with his wife through his sister. Volodya’s sister and wife were working together in the  Stepanakert carpet factory.

For 56 years, Volodya and his wife have lived together, overcoming all the difficulties of life. They had no children, and  adopted a relative’s son, who died at the age of 45, leaving behind three children, the youngest of whom was born after his father’s death.

Volodya lives in a two-room apartment. In 1982, after living on rent for many years, he was provided with a one-room apartment, and after some time, the current two-room apartment. In winter, the apartment is heated with electricity.

Volodya has been a beneficiary of Hanganak NGO since May 2021.

His pension is 105000 drams, of which 11500 drams is provided as a single pensioner’s allowance.

He suffers from hypertension. He receives Triplixam, Mezym Forte, Valerian Root Extract from Hanganak.

He expresses his deep gratitude to his nurse Rebeka Hakobyan, who is very attentive and nice to him, often visits and talks to him.

He is also grateful to the benefactors of  Hanganak and the whole staff, who continue their support and charity to Armenians living in Artsakh in these difficult days.