Zoya H.

The interview took place in January 2019.

Zoya was born in Stepanakert in the family of intellectuals. There were three girls and a boy in the family. She got her primary education in Stepanakert, attended school N3 after Griboyedov. She continued her education in Tashkend as she had to move there because of some family problems. Some time later Zoya returned to Stepanakert and entered a double-shift school to study and work at the same time in Karabagh Silk Factory to assist her parents. In the period of 1966-1968 she managed to graduate with Honours from the local accounting school. Afterwards, she entered Leningrad University of Economics and graduated with Honours.

After returning to her motherland, Zoya started working at the Accounting school, later she moved to the Ministry of Finances and worked there for 25 years. She built a successful career there reaching the position of the Head of the Department. Zoya was rewarded numerous awards like Commander of the Order of Honor, signed by Brezhnev and Georgadze, medals Excellence in Economics and Finance, Labor Veteran.

She was in pursuit of her career and forgot about her personal life. “Men were afraid of my superiority and scared approaching me, that influenced my personal life greatly”, says Zoya.

In 1985 Zoya adapted her neighbor’s daughter who was living in tough conditions. Narine, her daughter, changed her life completely. Narine enjoyed everyone’s love and sympathy. She was in the spotlight everywhere.

In 2003 Narine finished school and moved to Saratov with her mother to study in the economic faculty as her mother did. The same year Zoya had to return to Stepanakert to look after her sick mother. But after a while, Zoya faced a tragedy. The house, where Narine lived, was fired because of a gas explosion and the girl could not survive. After that tragedy, Zoya lived with her child’s memories – cemetery, church, lighting candles…

Zoya came to know about Hanganak from her neighbor Armida who had been Hanganak’s beneficiary. She has been with Hanganak since 2005. Hanganak helps her a lot with in-home care, food provision, and medicine. She receives from the NGO Cardiomagnil 75 mg N30, Conchor 5 mg N 30, Enap 10 mg N 20, Piracetam 400 mg N30. Her nurse, Marsela Sargsyan, is very attentive and pays her frequent visits.

Her monthly pension is 38000 AMD, that is not enough but she spends the money efficiently to be on the safe side. She does not want to bother anybody.
“I feel very pleasant to host people, to talk to them, remember the past days. Thank God, I have Hanganak at my back. I cannot imagine what would have happened to me without you!”, says Zoya almost in tears.

“I am grateful to all the benefactors, to Gohar and her staff. I am proud to be an Armenian and to have compatriots who help and support the elderly people from far Boston. We need their help a lot!

Thanks to AWWA our life is easier and better. God bless all of you!”